Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 63, no. 6, July 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Jonathan Markowitz, Christopher Fariss, & R. Blake McMahon, Producing Goods and Projecting Power: How What You Make Influences What You Take
  • Richard Hanania, Are Liberal Governments More Cooperative? Voting Trends at the UN in Five Anglophone Democracies
  • Mark D. Ramirez & Reed M. Wood, Public Attitudes toward Private Military Companies: Insights from Principal–agent Theory
  • Daniel Silverman, What Shapes Civilian Beliefs about Violent Events? Experimental Evidence from Pakistan
  • James R. Hollyer, B. Peter Rosendorff, & James Raymond Vreeland, Why Do Autocrats Disclose? Economic Transparency and Inter-elite Politics in the Shadow of Mass Unrest
  • Friedhelm Hentschel, Unraveling Secessions
  • Data Set Features
    • Nicholas Sambanis & Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Sovereignty Rupture as a Central Concept in Quantitative Measures of Civil War
    • D. Scott Bennett, Paul Poast, & Allan C. Stam, NewGene: An Introduction for Users