Monday, May 27, 2019

New Issue: Climate Law

The latest issue of Climate Law (Vol. 9, nos. 1-2, 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: The Paris Rulebook
    • Jolene Lin & Alexander Zahar, Introduction to the Special Issue on the Paris Rulebook
    • Meinhard Doelle, The Heart of the Paris Rulebook: Communicating ndcs and Accounting for Their Implementation
    • Hao Zhang, Implementing Provisions on Climate Finance Under the Paris Agreement
    • Benoit Mayer, Transparency Under the Paris Rulebook: Is the Transparency Framework Truly Enhanced?
    • Gu Zihua, Christina Voigt & Jacob Werksman, Facilitating Implementation and Promoting Compliance With the Paris Agreement Under Article 15: Conceptual Challenges and Pragmatic Choices
    • Alexander Zahar, Collective Progress in the Light of Equity Under the Global Stocktake
    • Steinar Andresen, The Paris Agreement and its Rulebook in a Problem-Solving Perspective
    • Marjan Peeters, EU Climate Law: Largely Uncharted Legal Territory