Monday, December 10, 2018

Symposium: International Trade in the Trump Era

The Yale Journal of International Law Online has begun to post a symposium on "International Trade in the Trump Era." Contents include:
  • Kathleen Claussen & David Singh Grewal, Introduction
  • Rachel Brewster, The Trump Administration and the Future of the WTO
  • Timothy Meyer, Trade, Redistribution, and the Imperial Presidency
  • Joel P. Trachtman, A World Trade Organization for Workers?
  • Gregory Shaffer, A Tragedy in the Making? The Decline of Law and the Return of Power in International Trade Relations
  • Andrew Lang, Protectionism’s Many Faces
  • David Singh Grewal, A Research Agenda for Trade Policy in the Trump Era
  • Padideh Ala’I, The Trump Administration vs. the WTO Appellate Body: How the Appellate Body Can Help Maintain Global Economic Relations and Peace
  • Chantal Thomas, Trade and Development in an Era of Multipolarity and Reterritorialization
  • Kathleen Claussen, Old Wine in New Bottles? The Trade Rule of Law
  • Harold Hongju Koh, Epilogue