Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New Issue: ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal

The latest issue of the ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal (Vol. 33, no. 2, Spring 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Case Comments
    • Guled Yusuf & Olga Owczarek, Fábrica de Vidrios Los Andes, CA and Owens-Illinois de Venezuela, CA v Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Removing the Sword of Damocles: ICSID Denunciation under Articles 71 and 72 
    • Joshua Paine, Bear Creek Mining Corporation v Republic of Peru: Judging the Social License of Foreign Investments and Applying New Style Investment Treaties 
  • Note
    • Hamid G Gharavi, Discord Over Judicial Expropriation 
  • Articles
    • Catharine Titi, Res Iudicata and Interlocutory Decisions under the ICSID Convention: Antinomies over the Power of Tribunals to Review
    • Ioannis Glinavos, Brexit, the City and Options for ISDS 
    • Prabhash Ranjan & Pushkar Anand, How ‘Healthy’ are the Investment Treaties of South Asian Countries: An Empirical Study of Public Health Provisions in South Asian Countries’ BITs and FTA Investment Chapters 
    • Yulia S Selivanova, Changes in Renewables Support Policy and Investment Protection under the Energy Charter Treaty: Analysis of Jurisprudence and Outlook for the Current Arbitration Cases 
    • Paul-Jean Le Cannu, Foundation and Innovation: The Participation of African States in the ICSID Dispute Resolution System 
    • Julien Chaisse & Shintaro Hamanaka, The ‘Noodle Bowl Effect’ of Investment Treaties in Asia: The Phenomenon, the Problems, the Practical Solutions 
    • Christer Söderlund & Elena Burova, Is There Such a Thing as Admissibility in Investment Arbitration? 
    • Gloria M Alvarez, Redefining the Relationship Between the Energy Charter Treaty and the Treaty of Functioning of the European Union: From a Normative Conflict to Policy Tension 
    • Guido Carducci, A State's Capacity and the EU's Competence to Conclude a Treaty, Invalidate, Terminate – and “Preclude” in Achmea – a Treaty or BIT of Member States, a State's Consent to be Bound by a Treaty or to Arbitration, under the Law of Treaties and EU Law, and the CJEU's Decisions on EUSFTA and Achmea. : Their Roles and Interactions in Treaty and Investment Arbitration