Monday, December 25, 2017

New Issue: Journal of East Asia and International Law

The latest issue of the Journal of East Asia and International Law (Vol. 10, no. 2, Autumn 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • Issue Focus: Legal Aspects of Renewable Energy Development
    • Weidong Yang, Problems and Adjustments of Renewable Energy Legislation in China
    • Kenji Asano, Enactment and Enforcing Processes of the Japanese Feed in Tariff Law: Difficulties for Maximizing Renewable's Diffusion while Minimizing National Burden
  • Articles
    • Gary Lilienthal & Nehaluddin Ahmad, Communis Opinio and Jus Cogens: A Critical Review on Pro-Torture Law and Policy Argument
    • Yong Wang, China's Practice in Treaty Reservations since 1949: A Critical Review
  • Notes & Comments
    • Lin Zhang & Lingsheng Zhang, Research and Teaching of International Law in Contemporary China: A Landscape Sketch
    • Eric Yong Joong Lee, Will Trump's Military Option against North Korea Work? Legal and Political Restraints
  • Regional Focus & Controversies: International Law and Natural Phenomenon
    • Natalia Y. Puspita, Natural Disaster in Armed Conflict Area: The Implementation of the Doctrine of Responsibility to Protect in the ASEAN
    • Hao Shen, International Deep Seabed Mining and China's Legislative Commitment to Marine Environmental Protection
  • East Asian Observer
    • Sunjoo Kang & Younjoo Kim & Insook Kim, Refugee's Rights to HIV/AIDS Healthcare in Korea under the UNAIDS Guidelines
    • N. Kala & Y. Abaydeldinov & T. Furman & A. Ponomarev, The World Tourism Organization for Countering Terrorist Threats