Friday, January 6, 2017

New Issue: Humanity

The latest issue of Humanity (Vol. 7, no. 3, Winter 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Dan Edelstein, Is There a “Modern” Natural Law Theory?: Notes on the History of Human Rights
    • Christopher N. Warren, Big Leagues: Specters of Milton and Republican International Justice between Shakespeare and Marx
  • Dossier on Humanitarianism in Refugee Camps
    • Maja Janmyr & Are J. Knudsen, Introduction: Hybrid Spaces
    • Kirsten McConnachie, Camps of Containment: A Genealogy of the Refugee Camp
    • Maja Janmyr, Spaces of Legal Ambiguity: Refugee Camps and Humanitarian Power
    • Bram J. Jansen, The Refugee Camp as Warscape: Violent Cosmologies, “Rebelization,” and Humanitarian Governance in Kakuma, Kenya
    • Are J. Knudsen, Camp, Ghetto, Zinco, Slum: Lebanon’s Transitional Zones of Emplacement
    • Michel Agier, Afterword: What Contemporary Camps Tell Us about the World to Come
  • Photo Essay
    • Nina Berman, Object Lessons
    • Sharon Sliwinski, Evocative Objects: A Sexual Violence Primer
  • Essay Reviews
    • Priya Satia, Guarding The Guardians: Payoffs and Perils
    • Alexander Livingston, Moralism and Its Discontents