Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rayfuse: Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law

Rosemary Rayfuse (Univ. of New South Wales - Law; Lund Univ. - Law) has published Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2015). Contents include:
  • Robin Churchill, The LOSC Regime for Protection of the Marine Environment – Fit for the Twenty-first Century?
  • Yoshifumi Tanaka, Principles of International Marine Environmental Law
  • James Harrison, Actors and Institutions for the Protection of the Marine Environment
  • David Osborn, Land Based Pollution and the Marine Environment
  • Henrik Ringbom, Vessel-source Pollution
  • David L. VanderZwaag, The International Control of Ocean Dumping: Navigating from Permissive to Precautionary Shores
  • Michael Lodge, Protecting the Marine Environment of the Deep Seabed
  • Joanna Mossop, Reconciling Activities on the Extended Continental Shelf with Protection of the Marine Environment
  • Nengye Liu, Protection of the Marine Environment from Offshore Oil and Gas Activities
  • Marie Bourrel, Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment from Seabed Mining Activities on the Continental Shelf: Perspectives from the Pacific Islands Region
  • Alexander Proelss & Katherine Houghton, Protecting Marine Species
  • Dire Tladi, Conservation and Sustainable use of Marine Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction: Towards an Implementing Agreement
  • Glenn Wright, Julien Rochette & Elizabeth Druel, Marine Protected Areas in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
  • Robin Warner, Environmental Assessment in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
  • Anna Maria Hubert, Marine Scientific Research and the Protection of the Seas and Oceans
  • Nilufer Oral, Forty Years of the UNEP Regional Seas Programme: From Past to Future
  • Tore Henriksen, Protecting Polar Environments: Coherency in Regulating Arctic Shipping
  • David Vousden, Large Marine Ecosystems and Associated New Approaches to Regional, Transboundary and ‘High Seas’ Management
  • Hai Dang Vu, Towards a Regional Regime for the Establishment of a Network of Marine Protected Areas in the South China Sea
  • Tim Stephens, Ocean Acidification
  • Karen N. Scott, Geoengineering and the Marine Environment