Friday, December 11, 2015

New Issue: Review of International Studies

The latest issue of the Review of International Studies (Vol. 42, no. 1, January 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Nicolas Guilhot, The Kuhning of reason: Realism, rationalism, and political decision in IR theory after Thomas Kuhn
  • Samuel Knafo, Bourdieu and the dead end of reflexivity: On the impossible task of locating the subject
  • Matthew Fluck, Theory, ‘truthers’, and transparency: Reflecting on knowledge in the twenty-first century
  • Milan Babík, ‘X’ ten years on: The fictions of George F. Kennan’s recent factual representations
  • Naomi Head, A politics of empathy: Encounters with empathy in Israel and Palestine
  • Leonie Holthaus & Jens Steffek, Experiments in international administration: The forgotten functionalism of James Arthur Salter
  • Shmuel Nili, Liberal global justice and social science
  • Astrid H.M. Nordin, Futures beyond ‘the West’? Autoimmunity in China’s harmonious world
  • Morten Skumsrud Andersen, Semi-cores in imperial relations: The cases of Scotland and Norway