Friday, October 9, 2015

Nollkaemper & Jacobs: Distribution of Responsibilities in International Law

André Nollkaemper (Univ. of Amsterdam - Law) & Dov Jacobs (Leiden Univ. - Law) have published Distribution of Responsibilities in International Law (Cambridge Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • André Nollkaemper & Dov Jacobs, Introduction: mapping the normative framework for the distribution of shared responsibility
  • Roland Pierik, Shared responsibility in international law: a normative-philosophical analysis
  • Anthony F. Lang, Jr, Shared political responsibility
  • Joel P. Trachtman, Ex ante and ex post allocation of international legal responsibility
  • Lewis A. Kornhauser, Incentives, compensation, and irreparable harm
  • Anne van Aaken, Shared responsibility in international law: a political economy analysis
  • Tom Dannenbaum, Public power and preventive responsibility: attributing the wrongs of international joint ventures
  • Toni Erskine, 'Coalitions of the willing' and the shared responsibility to protect
  • Monica Hakimi, Distributing the responsibility to protect
  • Daniel H. Cole, The problem of shared irresponsibility in international climate law
  • Henry Shue, Transboundary damage in climate change: criteria for allocating responsibility
  • Christopher L. Kutz, Shared responsibility for climate change: from guilt to taxes
  • Margot E. Salomon, How to keep promises: making sense of the duty among multiple states to fulfil socio-economic rights in the world
  • Eugene Kontorovich, Pirate 'gaolbalisation': dividing responsibility among states, companies, and criminals
  • Seumas Miller, The global financial crisis and collective moral responsibility