Monday, October 5, 2015

New Issue: Transnational Environmental Law

The latest issue of Transnational Environmental Law (Vol. 4, no. 2, October 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial
    • Thijs Etty, Veerle Heyvaert, Wil Burns, Cinnamon Carlarne, Dan Farber & Jolene Lin, By All Available Means: New Takes on Established Principles, Actions and Institutions to Address Today’s Environmental Challenges
  • Articles
    • John C. Dernbach & Federico Cheever, Sustainable Development and Its Discontents
    • Evadné Grant & Onita Das, Land Grabbing, Sustainable Development and Human Rights
    • Joana Setzer, Testing the Boundaries of Subnational Diplomacy: The International Climate Action of Local and Regional Governments
    • Josephine van Zeben, Establishing a Governmental Duty of Care for Climate Change Mitigation: Will Urgenda Turn the Tide?
    • Betsy Baker & Brooks Yeager, Coordinated Ocean Stewardship in the Arctic: Needs, Challenges and Possible Models for an Arctic Ocean Coordinating Agreement
    • Joshua C. Gellers, Environmental Constitutionalism in South Asia: Analyzing the Experiences of Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • Commentary
    • Ernesto Roessing Neto, Linking Subnational Climate Change Policies: A Commentary on the California–Acre Process