Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 59, no. 1, March 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Just War Theory
    • Cian O'Driscoll, Rewriting the Just War Tradition: Just War in Classical Greek Political Thought and Practice
    • Valerie Morkevičius, Power and Order: The Shared Logics of Realism and Just War Theory
  • Democracies and Non-Democracies
    • Julia Bader, China, Autocratic Patron? An Empirical Investigation of China as a Factor in Autocratic Survival
    • Sarah Sunn Bush & Amaney A. Jamal , Anti-Americanism, Authoritarian Politics, and Attitudes about Women's Representation: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Jordan
  • Sanctions
    • David Lektzian & Dennis Patterson, Political Cleavages and Economic Sanctions: The Economic and Political Winners and Losers of Sanctions
  • Transnational Politics
    • Tina Freyburg, Transgovernmental Networks as an Apprenticeship in Democracy? Socialization into Democratic Governance through Cross-national Activities
    • Nick Dragojlovic, Listening to Outsiders: The Impact of Messenger Nationality on Transnational Persuasion in the United States
    • Colin M. Barry, Sam R. Bell, K. Chad Clay, Michael E. Flynn & Amanda Murdie, Choosing the Best House in a Bad Neighborhood: Location Strategies of Human Rights INGOs in the Non-Western World
    • Mark T. Buntaine, Accountability in Global Governance: Civil Society Claims for Environmental Performance at the World Bank
  • Terrorism
    • Victor Asal, H. Brinton Milward & Eric W. Schoon, When Terrorists Go Bad: Analyzing Terrorist Organizations’ Involvement in Drug Smuggling
  • Interstate Conflict and War
    • Sam R. Bell & Jesse C. Johnson, Shifting Power, Commitment Problems, and Preventive War
    • Terrence L. Chapman, Patrick J. McDonald & Scott Moser, The Domestic Politics of Strategic Retrenchment, Power Shifts, and Preventive War
    • Jeff Carter & Glenn Palmer, Keeping the Schools Open While the Troops are Away: Regime Type, Interstate War, and Government Spending
  • Civil Wars
    • Hyun Jin Choi & Clionadh Raleigh, Dominant Forms of Conflict in Changing Political Systems
    • Sunhee Park, Power and Civil War Termination Bargaining
    • Neil Narang, Assisting Uncertainty: How Humanitarian Aid can Inadvertently Prolong Civil War