Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Issue: American Review of International Arbitration

The latest issue of the American Review of International Arbitration (Vol. 25, no. 2, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Patrick M. Norton, The Use of Precedents in Investment Treaty Arbitration Awards
  • Elsa A. Paparemborde, Preventive Requests for the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: Toward an Effective Filtering Mechanism Under the New York Convention
  • Rémy Gerbay, Is the End Nigh Again? An Empirical Assessment of the "Judicialization" of International Arbitration
  • Armand M. Paré, Jr, Nationwide Arbitration Subpoenas Under the United States Arbitration Act
  • Benjamin G. Davis, American Diversity in International Arbitration 2003-2013
  • David Weiss & Brian Hodgkinson, Adoptive Arbitration: An Alternative Approach to Enforcing Cross-Border Mediation Settlement Agreements
  • Andreas Respondek, Arbitration in Germany