Monday, April 27, 2015

Herren: Networking the International System: Global Histories of International Organizations

Madeleine Herren (Universität Heidelberg - History) has published Networking the International System: Global Histories of International Organizations (Springer 2014). Contents include:
  • Madeleine Herren, Introduction: Towards a Global History of International Organization
  • Sigrun Habermann-Box, From the League of Nations to the United Nations: The Continuing Preservation and Development of the Geneva Archives
  • Kenichiro Hirano, Matsuoka Yosuke’s Miscalculation at Geneva: A Possible Reconsideration Using JACAR Data
  • Toshiki Mogami, On the Concept of International Organization: Centralization, Hegemonism, and Constitutionalism
  • Atsushi Shibasaki, Activities and Discourses on International Cultural Relations in Modern Japan: The Making of KBS (Kokusai Bunka Shinko Kai), 1934–1953
  • Naomi Nagata, International Control of Epidemic Diseases from a Historical and Cultural Perspective
  • Shin Kawashiman, Sino-Japanese Controversies Over the Textbook Problem and the League of Nations
  • Tomoko Akami, Beyond Empires’ Science: Inter-Imperial Pacific Science Networks in the 1920s
  • Guoqi Xu, Networking Through the Y: The Role of YMCA in China’s Search for New National Identity and Internationalization
  • Craig N. Murphy, Global Governance: From Organizations to Networks or Not?
  • Timothy D. Taylor, New Capitalism, UNESCO, and the Re-enchantment of Culture
  • Bjarne Rogan, Popular Culture and International Cooperation in the 1930s
  • Katja Naumann, Avenues and Confines of Globalizing the Past: UNESCO’s International Commission for a “Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind” (1952–1969)