Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jayakumar, Koh, & Beckman: The South China Sea Disputes and Law of the Sea

S. Jayakumar (National Univ. of Singapore - Law), Tommy Koh (National Univ. of Singapore - Law), & Robert Beckman (National Univ. of Singapore - Law) have published The South China Sea Disputes and Law of the Sea (Edward Elgar Publishing 2014). Contents include:
  • Bernard H Oxman, Offshore Features Subject to Claims of Sovereignty
  • Clive Schofield, Defining the ‘Boundary’ between Land and Sea: Territorial Sea Baselines in the South China Sea
  • Clive R Symmons, Maritime Zones from Islands and Rocks
  • Tullio Treves, Maritime Delimitation and Offshore Features
  • Ted L McDorman, Rights and Jurisdiction over Resources in the South China Sea: UNCLOS and the ‘Nine-Dash Line’
  • Alex Oude Elferink, Do the Coastal States in the South China Sea Have a Continental Shelf Beyond 200 Nautical Miles?
  • David Anderson & Youri van Logchem, Rights and Obligations in Areas of Overlapping Maritime Claims
  • Robert Beckman, UNCLOS Part XV and the South China Sea