Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 59, no. 3, April 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Esther Hauk & Hannes Mueller, Cultural Leaders and the Clash of Civilizations
  • Victor Asal, Paul Gill, R. Karl Rethemeyer, & John Horgan, Killing Range: Explaining Lethality Variance within a Terrorist Organization
  • Jacqueline H. R. DeMeritt, Delegating Death: Military Intervention and Government Killing
  • Bridget L. Coggins, Does State Failure Cause Terrorism? An Empirical Analysis (1999–2008)
  • T. Camber Warren & Kevin K. Troy, Explaining Violent Intra-Ethnic Conflict: Group Fragmentation in the Shadow of State Power
  • Andrew W. Bausch, The Geography of Ethnocentrism
  • David A. Jaeger, Esteban F. Klor, Sami H. Miaari, & M. Daniele Paserman, Can Militants Use Violence to Win Public Support? Evidence from the Second Intifada