Monday, February 23, 2015

Eger, Oeter, & Voigt: Economic Analysis of International Law

Thomas Eger, Stefan Oeter & Stefan Voigt have published Economic Analysis of International Law: Contributions to the XIIIth Travemünde Symposium on the Economic Analysis of Law (March 29-31, 2012) (Mohr Siebeck 2014). Contents include:
  • Stefan Oeter, The Legitimacy of Customary International Law
  • Georg von Wangenheim, Comment on Stefan Oeter
  • Discussion on Stefan Oeter summarized by José Caiado
  • Stefan Voigt, The Economics of Informal International Law - An Empirical Assessment
  • Peter Lewisch, Comment on Stefan Voigt
  • Discussion on Stefan Voigt summarized by Christopher Kimmerle
  • Haksoo Ko, Law and Technology of Data Privacy: A Case for International Harmonization
  • Michael Fehling, Comment on Haksoo Ko
  • Discussion on Haskoo Ko summarized by José Caiado
  • Thilo Marauhn, Private Military Contractors - Mercenaries Outside the Scope of Law?
  • Discussion on Thilo Marauhn summarized by Jerg Gutmann
  • Christopher R. Drahozal, Some Observations on the Economics of Comity
  • Dieter Schmidtchen, Comment on Christopher R. Drahozal
  • Discussion on Christopher R. Drahozal summarized by Jan Engelmann
  • Birgit Feldtmann, Fighting Maritime Piracy - On Possible Actions and Consequences
  • Max Gössler, Comment on Birgit Feldtmann
  • Discussion on Birgit Feldtmann summarized by Viola Prifti
  • Florian Jeßberger & Julia Geneuss, A Success? Reflections on the First Ten Years of the International Criminal Court
  • Eyal Benvenisti, Comment on Florian Jeßberger/Julia Geneuss
  • Discussion on Florian Jeßberger/Julia Geneuss summarized by Joseb Gudiashvili
  • Christian Kirchner, The European Constitutional Impossibility Theorem
  • Thomas Eger, Comment on Christian Kirchner
  • Discussion on Christian Kirchner summarized by Elif Erdemoglu
  • Christian Häberli, Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture: Land Grab or Food Security Improvement?
  • Laarni Escresa, Comment on Christian Häberli
  • Discussion on Christian Häberli summarized by Johannes Schwarze