Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fennelly: International Law in the Irish Legal System

David Fennelly (Univ. of Dublin, Trinity College - Law) has published International Law in the Irish Legal System (Thomson Round Hall 2014). Here’s the abstract:
This book explores the implementation of the major sources of international law in Ireland in a contemporary context. This context is defined, in particular, by the growing influence of European Union law. As the EU’s role in Member States’ international relations has expanded, its role in the implementation of international obligations has correspondingly grown. As a result, it is increasingly through European Union law that international law now takes effect within the legal systems of Ireland and other EU Member States. For a Member State such as Ireland, this has quite a radical effect on the status and effect of international law at the domestic level, at least in certain fields. While the Europeanisation of the process of implementation of international law has arguably led to a greater openness to international law in Ireland, it has also made the framework of implementation significantly more complex.