Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Volume: International Law Studies (Blue Book) Series

The latest volume in the International Law Studies (Blue Book) Series (Vol. 89, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Feature Article
    • Geoffrey S. Corn, Laurie R. Blank, Chris Jenks & Eric Talbot Jensen, Belligerent Targeting and the Invalidity of a Least Harmful Means Rule
  • Forum: Cyber War and International Law
    • Matthew C. Waxman, Self-defensive Force against Cyber Attacks: Legal, Strategic and Political Dimensions
    • Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg, Territorial Sovereignty and Neutrality in Cyberspace
    • William Banks, The Role of Counterterrorism Law in Shaping ad Bellum Norms for Cyber Warfare
    • Eric Talbot Jensen, Cyber Attacks: Proportionality and Precautions in Attack
    • Robert M. Chesney, Computer Network Operations and U.S. Domestic Law: An Overview
    • Michael N. Schmitt, Classification of Cyber Conflict
    • Noam Lubell, Lawful Targets in Cyber Operations: Does the Principle of Distinction Apply?
    • Vijay M. Padmanabhan, Cyber Warriors in the Jus in Bello
    • John F. Murphy, Cyber War and International Law: Does the International Legal Process Constitute a Threat to U.S. Vital Interests?
    • Paul Walker, Organizing for Cyberspace Operations: Selected Issues
    • Michael J. Glennon, The Road Ahead: Gaps, Leaks and Drips
    • William H. Boothby, Methods and Means of Cyber Warfare
    • Laurie R. Blank, International Law and Cyber Threats from Non-State Actors
    • Terry D. Gill & Paul A. L. Ducheine, Anticipatory Self-Defense in the Cyber Context
    • Kenneth Watkin, The Cyber Road Ahead: Merging Lanes and Legal Challenges
    • Jann K. Kleffner & Heather A. Harrison Dinniss, Keeping the Cyber Peace: International Legal Aspects of Cyber Activities in Peace Operations
    • Yoram Dinstein, Cyber War and International Law: Concluding Remarks at the 2012 Naval War College International Law Conference
  • Forum: Geography of War
    • Ashley Deeks, The Geography of Cyber Conflict: Through a Glass Darkly
    • Louise Arimatsu, The Law of State Responsibility in Relation to Border Crossings: An Ignored Legal Paradigm
    • Peter Margulies, Networks in Non-International Armed Conflicts: Crossing Borders and Defining "Organized Armed Groups"
    • Geoffrey S. Corn, Geography of Armed Conflict: Why it is a Mistake to Fish for the Red Herring