Saturday, November 6, 2010

Conference: The Political Economy of U.S. Foreign Relations Law

The annual Duke-Harvard Foreign Relations Law Workshop will take place today at the Duke University School of Law. The topic is "The Political Economy of U.S. Foreign Relations Law." Here's the program:
  • Session 1: War Powers
    • Peter D. Feaver, Seven Provocations on Domestic Politics of Foreign Relations
    • William G. Howell, Wartime Presidents
    • Douglas L. Kriner, More than Meets the Eye: Congressional Checks on Presidential War-Making
    • Commentator: Jide Nzelibe
  • Session 2: Secrecy
    • Benjamin O. Fordham, How Useful is Secrecy in American Foreign Policy?
    • Jack L. Goldsmith, The Problem of Secret Executive Interpretations of War Powers Law
    • Commentator: Oona Hathaway
  • Session 3: Treaties, Executive Agreements, and Partisanship
    • Oona A. Hathaway, Democracy in the Balance: Strengthening Accountability in U.S. International Lawmaking
    • Judith Kelley & Jon Pevehouse, The Domestic Politics of the US Article II Process
    • Jide Nzelibe, Our Partisan Foreign Affairs Constitution
    • Edward T. Swaine, Valuing Agreements
    • Commentators: Rachel Brewster and Ernie Young
  • Session 4: International Trade and Other Delegations
    • Daniel Abebe, Rethinking International Delegations
    • Rachel Brewster, Supplying Compliance: Domestic Sources of Trade Law and Policy
    • Judith Goldstein, Delegation of Tariff Setting Authority to the President
    • Commentator: Larry Helfer
  • Session 5: Congressional Action and Inaction
    • Curtis A. Bradley, Congressional Inaction in Foreign Affairs
    • Paul B. Stephan, The Political Economy of Extraterritoriality
    • Ernest A. Young, The Political Dynamics of Dormant Foreign Affairs Preemption: Lessons from Immigration and Climate Regulation
    • Commentator: Ed Swaine