Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 8, no. 3, July 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Transnational Business and International Criminal Justice
  • Florian Jessberger & Julia Geneuss, Introduction
  • I. Setting the Framework
    • Wolfgang Kaleck & Miriam Saage-Maaß, Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Violations Amounting to International Crimes: The Status Quo and its Challenges
    • Larissa van den Herik & Jernej Letnar Cernic, Regulating Corporations under International Law: From Human Rights to International Criminal Law and Back Again
    • Katherine Gallagher, Civil Litigation and Transnational Business: An Alien Tort Statute Primer
    • Roland Hefendehl, Addressing White Collar Crime on a Domestic Level: Any Lessons Learned for International Criminal Law?
  • II. Case Studies: Historic Precedents and Current Practice
    • Florian Jessberger, On the Origins of Individual Criminal Responsibility under International Law for Business Activity: IG Farben on Trial
    • Wim Huisman & Elies van Sliedregt, Rogue Traders: Dutch Businessmen, International Crimes and Corporate Complicity
    • Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky & Mariana Rulli, Corporate Complicity and Finance as a ‘Killing Agent’: The Relevance of the Chilean Case
  • III. Key Issues de lege lata: Definitions of Crimes and Attribution of Responsibility
    • Hans Vest, Business Leaders and the Modes of Individual Criminal Responsibility under International Law
    • Norman Farrell, Attributing Criminal Liability to Corporate Actors: Some Lessons from the International Tribunals
    • Volker Nerlich, Core Crimes and Transnational Business Corporations
  • IV. Key Issues de lege ferenda: Corporate Liability, Specific Offences and the Prosecutor's Strategy
    • Mordechai Kremnitzer, A Possible Case for Imposing Criminal Liability on Corporations in International Criminal Law
    • Christoph Burchard, Ancillary and Neutral Business Contributions to ‘Corporate–Political Core Crime’: Initial Enquiries Concerning the Rome Statute
    • Reinhold Gallmetzer, Prosecuting Persons Doing Business with Armed Groups in Conflict Areas: The Strategy of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court
  • V. Discussion Reports
    • Julia Geneuss, Jan Philipp Book, Boris Burghardt, & Oliver Schüttpelz, Core Crimes Inc.: Panel Discussion Reports from the Conference on ‘Transnational Business and International Criminal Law’, held at Humboldt University Berlin, 15–16 May 2009