Friday, June 4, 2010

Avant, Finnemore & Sell: Who Governs the Globe?

Deborah D. Avant (Univ. of California, Irvine - Political Science), Martha Finnemore (George Washington Univ. - Political Science and International Affairs), & Susan K. Sell (George Washington Univ. - Political Science and International Affairs) have published Who Governs the Globe? (Cambridge Univ. Press 2010). Contents include:
  • Deborah D. Avant, Martha Finnemore and Susan K. Sell, Who governs the globe?
  • Allison Danner & Erik Voeten, Who is running the international criminal justice system?
  • Aseem Prakash & Matthew Potoski, The International Organization for Standardization as a global governor: a club theory approach
  • Virginia Haufler, Corporations in zones of conflict: issues, actors, and institutions
  • Abraham L. Newman, International organization control under conditions of dual delegation: a transgovernmental politics approach
  • Kathleen R. McNamara, Constructing authority in the European Union
  • Clifford Bob, Packing heat: pro-gun groups and the governance of small arms
  • R. Charli Carpenter, Governing the global agenda: 'gatekeepers' and 'issue adoption' in transnational advocacy networks
  • Alexander Cooley, Outsourcing authority: how project contracts transform global governance networks
  • Tamar Gutner, When 'doing good' does not: the IMF and the Millennium Development Goals
  • Tim Büthe, The power of norms; the norms of power: who governs international electric and electronic technology?
  • Karen Mundy, 'Education for all' and the global governors
  • Deborah D. Avant, Martha Finnemore & Susan K. Sell, Conclusion: authority, legitimacy, and accountability in global politics