Friday, March 5, 2010

Scheipers: Prisoners in War

Sibylle Scheipers (Univ. of Oxford - Changing Character of War Programme) has published Prisoners in War (Oxford Univ. Press 2010). Contents include:
  • Sibylle Scheipers, Introduction: Prisoners in War
  • Frédéric Mégret, A Cautionary Tale from the Crusades? War and Prisoners in Conditions of Normative Incommensurability
  • Peter H. Wilson, Prisoners in Early Modern European Warfare
  • Stephen C. Neff, Prisoners of War in International Law: The Nineteenth Century
  • Alan Kramer, Prisoners in The First World War
  • Neville Wylie, The 1929 Prisoners of War Convention and the Building of the Inter-War Prisoner of War Regime
  • Bob Moore, The Treatment of Prisoners of War In The Western European Theatre of War 1939-1945
  • Rüdiger Overmans, The Treatment of Prisoners of War In The Eastern European Theatre of Operations 1941-1956
  • Philip Towle, Japanese Culture and The Treatment of Prisoners of War In The Asian-Pacific War
  • Isabel V. Hull, Prisoners in Colonial Warfare: The Imperial German Example
  • Raphaëlle Branche, The French in Algeria: Can There Be Prisoners of War In A 'Domestic' Operation?
  • Huw Bennett, Detention and Interrogation In Northern Ireland 1969-1975
  • Bettina Renz, The Status and Treatment of Detainees in Russia's Chechen Campaigns
  • Chia Lehnardt, Private Military Personnel as Prisoners Of War
  • Matthew Happold, Child Prisoners in War
  • John B. Bellinger III, Legal Issues Related To Armed Conflict with Non-State Groups
  • Adam Roberts, Detainees: Misfits in Peace And War
  • David Cole, Outsourcing Terror: Extraordinary Rendition and The Necessity For Extraterritorial Protection of Human Rights
  • Alia Brahimi, Terrorist Beheadings: Politics and Reciprocity
  • Sibylle Scheipers, Conclusion: Prisoners and Detainees in Current and Future Military Operations