Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bagwell, Bermann, & Mavroidis: Law and Economics of Contingent Protection in International Trade

Kyle W. Bagwell (Stanford Univ.), George A. Bermann (Columbia Univ. - Law), & Petros C. Mavroidis (Columbia Univ. - Law) have published Law and Economics of Contingent Protection in International Trade (Cambridge Univ. Press 2010). Contents include:
  • Jan Wouters & Dominic Coppens, An overview of the agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures – including a discussion of the agreement on agriculture
  • Rob Howse, Do the world trade organization disciplines on domestic subsidies make sense? The case for legalizing some subsidies
  • Joseph Francois, Subsidies and countervailing measures: determining the benefits of subsidies
  • Andrew Green & Michael Trebilcock, The enduring problem of WTO export subsidies rules
  • Piet Jan Slot, The Boeing–Airbus dispute: a case for the application of the EC state aid rules?
  • Terence P. Stewart & Amy S. Dwyer, Antidumping: overview of the agreement
  • William Kovacic, Price differentiation in antitrust and trade instruments
  • Edwin Vermulst, Non-preferential origin rules in anti-dumping law and practice
  • Claudio Dordi, The Apellate body interpretation of 'sunset reviews' provisions of AD and CVM agreements: a critical analysis
  • Jasper M. Wauters, The safeguards agreement – an overview
  • Meredith Crowley, Why are safeguards needed in a trade agreement?