Friday, March 5, 2010

Call for Submissions: Minnesota Journal of International Law Online

The Minnesota Journal of International Law has issued a call for submissions for its new online companion. Here's the call:

This year the Minnesota Journal of International Law will launch an online companion. It will be cited as Minn J. Int'l L. Online, with volume numbers to follow the print journal. It will retain the multidisciplinary mission of the print journal, and will keep the journal’s historical focus by highlighting scholarship related to global trade.

Minn J. Int'l L. Online is intended to be a content base of shorter and more responsive articles on topics of international law and policy; as such we request submissions from all interested authors of between 1500 and 3000 words, or approximately five to ten pages. Selected articles will be published on a rolling basis and will undergo the same rigorous cite checking process as articles selected for the print journal.

Developing issues require an informed legal response without regard to the rigid publishing schedule inherent in print journals. Articles that are truly responsive to these developments may be dated by the time a journal goes to press, yet these articles are vital to the developing field of international law. To stay on the forefront of international legal scholarship, we need analysis of issues facing the world now, not those it faced a year ago.

Minn J. Int'l L. Online is intended to reach a diverse audience of legal academics, practitioners, and students. We also anticipate participation from academics and practitioners from related fields, and expect to reach a wider audience than that of a traditional print journal. As such, we have relaxed our traditional requirement of a J.D. or comparable degree, and invite academics from other fields such as economics, science, and medicine to submit articles.

Please submit your papers to us via the ExpressO or LexOpus systems, or directly at