Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Issue: International Arbitration Law Review

The latest issue of the International Arbitration Law Review (Vol. 12, no. 6, 2009) is out. Contents include:
  • Carolyn B. Lamm, Eckhard P. Hellbeck, & Joseph R. Brubaker, Anti-Suit Injunctions in Aid of International Arbitration: The American Approach
  • Mark Robertson, Cross-Border Insolvency and International Commercial Arbitration: Characterisation and Choice of Law Issues in Light of Elektrim S.A v Vivendi S.A and Analysis of the European Insolvency Regulation
  • Emanuele Cusa, The Company as Institutional Arbitrator in Italian Law—Setting an International Trend?
  • Matthew Amey, Funding International Arbitrations
  • Fei Lanfang, Multi-Party Disputes and Referral to Arbitration Under Chinese Law
  • Lukas F. Wyss, How to Protect Business Secrets in International Commercial Arbitration
  • James T. Eamon & Geoffrey D. Holub, See You in Court! Respondents' Failure to Pay the Advance on Arbitration Costs