Sunday, December 6, 2009

Werner & Ali: A Liber Amicorum: Thomas Wälde - Law Beyond Conventional Thought

Jacques Werner (Werner & Associates) & Arif Hyder Ali (Crowell & Moring) have published A Liber Amicorum: Thomas Wälde - Law Beyond Conventional Thought (CMP Publishing 2009). Contents include:
  • Jacques Werner & Arif Hyder Ali, Foreword
  • Charlotte Wälde, Search Engines, Copyright and Innovative Business Models: How Google Sought to Monopolize/Free [Delete as Appropriate] the Printed Word
  • Melaku G. Desta, Legal Issues of Opec Production Management Practices and the Law: An Overview
  • Hew R. Dundas, Dispute Prevention and Dispute Settlement: Reflections on Discussions With Thomas Wälde
  • William F. Fox, The Wisdom of International Commercial Mediation and Conciliation
  • John P. Gaffney, Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart: Wälde's Defence of 'Specialisation' in the Interpretation of Investment Treaties
  • Walid Ben Hamida, Investment Treaties and Domestic Courts: A Transactional Mosaic Reviving Thomas Wälde's Legacy
  • Mirian Kene Kachikwu, The Changing Face of Political Risk in the Energy Industry
  • Abba Kolo, Fat Cats and 'Windfall' Taxes in the Natural Resources Industry: Legal and Political Analysis in the light of Modern Investment Treaties,
  • Andrey Konoplyanik, Professor Thomas Wälde: In Memoriam of the Friend
  • Andrey Konoplyanik, Global Financial Crisis to Put The PSA Regime in Russia Back on the Agenda
  • Ian Laird, Interpretation in International Investment Arbitration - Through the Looking Glass
  • Michael McIlwrath, Thomas on the Formation of International Arbitral Tribunals: 'The Conversation'
  • A. Timothy Martin, Bifurcation of Title in International Oil & Gas Agreements
  • William Park, Investment Claims and Arbitrator Comportment
  • Chitra Radhakishun, A United Nations' Liaison Hub and Ombudsoffice in International Economic Relations: A Proposal
  • Klaus Reichert, Courts and Arbitration: Forming Choices for Young Lawyers
  • Noah Rubins & Azizjon Nazarov, Investment Treaties and the Russian Bear: Baiting the Bear?
  • Borzu Sabahi, Moral Damages in International Investment Law: Some Preliminary Thoughts in the Aftermath of Desert Line v Yemen
  • Christoph Schreuer & Ursula Kriebaum, At What Time Must Legitimate Expectations Exist?
  • Abby Cohen Smutny & Petr Polášek, Unlawful or Bad Faith Conduct as a Bar to Claims in Investment Arbitration