Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kaikobad & Bohlander: International Law and Power: Perspectives on Legal Order and Justice

Kaiyan Homi Kaikobad (Brunel Univ. - Law) & Michael Bohlander (Univ. of Durham - Law) have published International Law and Power: Perspectives on Legal Order and Justice Essays in Honour of Colin Warbrick (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2009). Contents include:
  • D.J. Harris, Collective Complaints Under the European Social Charter Encouraging Progress?
  • Jacques Hartmann, The European Convention on Human Rights and Extradition
  • Stephen C. Neff, In Search of Clarity: Non Liquet and International Law
  • Michael Wood, ‘Constitutionalization’ of International Law: A Sceptical Voice
  • Holly Cullen, The Nature of State Obligations in Relation to Child Labour: Choosing Prosecution over Protection
  • Vaughan Lowe, Shadows in the Cave: The Nature of International Law When it Appears before English Courts
  • Robert McCorquodale, International Organisations and International Human Rights Law: One Giant Leap for Humankind
  • Hazel Fox, Imputability and Immunity as Separate Concepts: The Removal of Immunity from Civil Proceedings Relating to the Commission of an International Crime
  • Robert Cryer, Neither Here Nor There? The Status of International Criminal Jurisprudence in the International and UK Legal Orders
  • Michael Bohlander, Killing Many to Save a Few? Preliminary Thoughts about Avoiding Collateral Civilian Damage by Assassination of Regime Elites
  • G.R. Sullivan, Conduct and Proof of Conduct - Two Fundamental Conditions for the Imposition of Criminal Liability
  • Dominic McGoldrick, State Identity and Genocide: The Bosnian Genocide Case
  • Harry H.G. Post, Explosive Remnants of the War between Eritrea and Ethiopia
  • Dino Kritsiotis, International Law and the Violence of Non-State Actors
  • David Anderson, The ‘Disordered Medley’ of International Tribunals And the Coherence of International Law
  • Elena Katselli, Countermeasures: Concept and Substance in the Protection of Collective Interests
  • J.G. Merrills, Does the Optional Clause Still Matter?
  • Sarah Williams, Internationalized Tribunals: A Search for Their Legal Bases
  • Nigel D. White, The Road to Kandahar: British Military Interventions and International Law
  • K.H. Kaikobad, Non Consensual Aerial Surveillance in the Airspace over the Exclusive Economic Zone for Military and Defence Purposes