Monday, August 10, 2009

Schokkaert & Heckscher: International Investments Protection

Jan Schokkaert & Yvon Heckscher have published International Investments Protection: Comparative Law Analysis of Bilateral and Multilateral Interstate Conventions, Doctrinal Texts and Arbitral Jurisprudence Concerning Foreign Investments (Bruylant 2009). Here's the abstract:

An efficient system of investment protection, either through legislation or through Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT’s), is indispensable.

Expeditiously resolving litigation relating to investments through arbitration, and, in particular, through institutional arbitration (ICC, ICSID) has become a frequent and worldwide practice. This alternative sidetracks the filing, in national and international tribunals, of lawsuits thatmay otherwise take years to be heard.

The objective of this book’s authors is to suggestmeans, to Contracting States and international investors alike, to improve current media of protection of investments made on foreign soil. Their suggestions are intended to facilitate the drafting of Treaty and State Contract texts better adapted to rapidly evolving international arbitration.