Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Manacorda & Nieto: El Derecho penal entre la guerra y la paz

Stefano Manacorda (Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli - Law) & Adán Nieto (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha - Law) have published El Derecho penal entre la guerra y la paz (Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha 2009). Here's the abstract:
If subjecting war to law is one of the most important le­gal achievements of the 20th century, progressing further in that direction is one of the most important challenges for the 21st century. The problems it poses are many: the term “war” has formally fallen into disuse and we talk about “peacekeeping”; armies are today the product of coopera­tion between states and international organizations; private contractors increasingly participate in warlike activities, as the case of the Iraq war demonstrates; and the lines between war and very serious forms of crime (terrorism, organized crime) are increasingly blurred. This volume compiles the contributions presented at XVth International Congress on Social Defence and tackles the criminal-legal issues raised by these new scenarios. It constitutes an innovative volume, gathering together the work of both academic and military authors, who have drawn on their theoretical and practical experience.