Thursday, May 21, 2009

Call for Proposals: 2010 ASIL Annual Meeting - New Voices

The American Society of International Law has issued a call for "new voices" proposals for its 2010 Annual Meeting. Here's the call:

2010 Annual Meeting: International Law in a Time of Change

New Voices Proposals

Annual Meeting Theme

Today’s substantive issues – from armed conflict to climate change to the financial crisis to terrorism – have generated much new thinking about international legal rules and structures; at the same time, efforts to create new law implicate the interests of, and require the cooperation of, new and existing actors and institutions at many levels of governance. Our traditional models of international law are seeking to adapt to changing norms, approaches to governance, and governmental and nongovernmental actors – a process that some welcome but others view as posing problematic challenges to the existing international legal order. The 2010 American Society of International Law Annual Meeting will grapple with these issues. Meeting sessions will present a broad range of perspectives on the remaking of international law through new modes of lawmaking, new methods of global governance, new actors engaging international and transnational problems, and new substantive rules to address evolving and complex problems in this time of change.

Read the complete theme statement.

New Voices Proposals Guidelines and Process

ASIL will continue its long-standing goal of promoting the scholarship of students and new professionals (academic or non-academic) by soliciting papers relating to this year’s theme, "International Law in a Time of Change." We will select from submitted abstracts for papers to be presented at the Annual Meeting as part of a panel of new voices, or for possible inclusion in other panels. The abstracts may be based upon ongoing work. Preference will be given to papers not already published or accepted for publication. Eligibility is restricted to applicants working in the field of international law for seven years or less. Applicants should be members of the Society at the time of their presentation.

New Voices Submission Guidelines

Applicants must submit: (1) a 500-700 word abstract of their paper; (2) a 100-200 word progress statement explaining its current stage (e.g., whether the paper has been drafted, accepted for publication, or published); (3) a brief statement addressing the eligibility requirements set out above; and (4) a curriculum vitae. The submission deadline is June 19, 2009. The completed paper must be submitted by February 15, 2010.