Thursday, February 5, 2009

Workshops: Carozza, Kritsiotis, Rapp

Paolo Carozza (Univ. of Notre Dame - Law & Chair, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) will give a talk today at the New York University School of Law Institute for International Law and Justice International Legal Theory Colloquium on "Global Values, Local Virtues: Human Rights, Democratic Self-Governance and International Justice."

Dino Kritsiotis (Univ. of Nottingham - Law) will give a talk today at the Oxford Public International Law Discussion Group on "Reading and Rereading the Caroline Correspondence, 1838-1842."

Stephen Rapp (Chief Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone) will deliver a lecture today organized by the Oxford Transitional Justice Research on "Prosecutor vs. Chief of State: The Test of International Justice."