Thursday, October 2, 2008

Engdahl & Wrange: Law at War: The Law as it Was and the Law as it Should Be - Liber Amicorum Ove Bring

Ola Engdahl (Swedish National Defence College) & Pål Wrange (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden) have published Law at War: The Law as it Was and the Law as it Should Be - Liber Amicorum Ove Bring (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2008). Here's the abstract:

The authors of this volume have been inspired by the scholar to which this Liber Amicorum is dedicated - Professor Ove Bring - to look into both the past and the future of international law. Like Ove Bring, they have dealt with many aspects of the law governing the use of force, from arms control to human rights, international criminal law, the UN Charter, and, of course, international humanitarian law. Like Professor Bring, they have allowed themselves to draw trajectories from history and into the future, and have shunned away from neither the controversial nor the speculative, be it on the Middle East, the invasion of Iraq or the independence of Kosovo.

This collection brings together insights from a former UN Legal Counsel, a former Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC, present and former judges of the European Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, one present and one former member of the International Law Commission, as well as law professors and practitioners, from all Nordic countries, Germany and Australia. Together they form a highly challenging mosaic of perspectives on topical issues like cluster munitions, targeting, human rights in peace operations and the purposes of sentencing in international tribunals.