Thursday, October 2, 2008

Symposium: Politics and Scale in Boundary-Making

The current issue of the Journal of Historical Geography (Vol. 34, no. 3, July 2008) includes a symposium on "Politics and Scale in Boundary-Making." Contents include:
  • John W. Donaldson, Politics and scale in boundary-making: the work of boundary commissions
  • Richard N. Schofield, Laying it down in stone: delimiting and demarcating Iraq's boundaries by mixed international commission
  • K.J. Rankin, The role of the Irish boundary commission in the entrenchment of the Irish border: from tactical panacea to political liability
  • Nicola C. Guy, Linguistic boundaries and geopolitical interests: the Albanian boundary commissions, 1878–1926
  • John W. Donaldson, Pillars and perspective: demarcation of the Belgian Congo–Northern Rhodesia boundary
  • Lucy Chester, Boundary commissions as tools to safeguard British interests at the end of empire