Friday, June 20, 2008

Koopmans: Diplomatic Dispute Settlement - The Use of Inter-State Conciliation

Sven Koopmans (International Civilian Office, Kosovo) has published Diplomatic Dispute Settlement - The Use of Inter-State Conciliation (T.M.C. Asser Press 2008). Here's the abstract:
The book offers a timely discussion on non-binding dispute settlement between States. It focuses on conciliation in a broad sense, including mediation, inquiry and non-compliance mechanisms. Variations of conciliation are included in many instruments, particularly in multilateral agreements concerning the environment, human rights, international trade and investment protection. Conciliation is also used on an ad hoc basis for the resolution of disputes between States, such as in border conflicts. Nevertheless, combining legal and political aspects, the method is rarely studied in depth in either discipline. The author argues that the lack of familiarity with conciliation both causes its popularity in treaties, as its difficulties in practice. The author proposes a new way of looking at conciliation and at its potentials and restrictions, and assesses the use and usefulness of this way of settling disputes.