Thursday, February 21, 2008

Symposium: Law Without Borders: Current Legal Challenges Around the Globe

The Temple Law Review will host a symposium on "Law Without Borders: Current Legal Challenges Around the Globe," March 1, 2008, in Philadelphia. The program is not yet available online. Why attend?

As legal issues increasingly transcend borders, and the needs of clients and the profession expand, this Symposium brings together leading scholars to discuss several of the global community's most pressing legal topics. This Symposium will highlight the unique challenges developed and developing nations must face in promoting intellectual property rights, developing economic reforms, protecting the environment, and building constitutions.

The Symposium will feature panels on four different areas of law, each studying a different facet of the dynamic between, and distinct challenges faced by, developing and developed countries. Panelists will discuss traditional knowledge as a form of intellectual property, economic reform and the Cape Town Convention, climate change litigation and water regulation, and comparative constitution building.