Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Volume: Australian Year Book of International Law

The latest volume of the Australian Year Book of International Law (Vol. 26) is out. Contents include:
  • Richard Falk, Toward Global Democracy: A Plea for Moral Globalisation
  • Nicole Abadee & Donald R Rothwell, The Howard Doctrine: Australia and Anticipatory Self-Defence against Terrorist Attacks
  • Michael Bliss, Amity, Cooperation and Understanding(s): Negotiating Australia's Entry into the East Asia Summit
  • Hitoshi Nasu, Chapter VII Powers and the Rule of Law: The Jurisdictional Limits
  • Shirley V Scott, The Participation of the Australian Government in International Debate on the Composition and Voting Procedure of the Security Council, 1945-2005
  • Tania Voon & Andrew D Mitchell, Achieving a Common Market for Telecommunications Services in Australia and New Zealand
  • John Tasioulas, Comment: Opinio Jurs and the Genesis of Custom: A Solution to the 'Paradox'