Friday, February 8, 2008

Bancaja Euromediterranean Courses of International Law 2008

The schedule for the 2008 Bancaja Euromediterranean Courses of International Law, which will take place September 1-12 in Castellón, Spain, has been announced. The courses are:
  • Slim Laghmani (Univ. of Tunisia - Legal, Political and Social Sciences), Course on Basic Issues: Is Voluntarism the Foundation of International Law Yet?
  • Georg Nolte (Univ. of Munich - Law), The Contribution of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe to the Clarification of International Law
  • Antonio Fernández Tomás (Univ. of Castilla La Mancha - Law), Energetic Dependency and International Law: from Permanent Sovereignty to Illegal Exploitation
  • Jean Michel Arrighi (Organization of American States, Department of International Legal Affairs), The Role of the Organization of America States in Defence of Democracy
  • Charles Leben (Univ. of Paris II - Law), The State and the International Legal Order: Some Questions on the Theory of Law
  • Rosario Huesa Vinaixa (Univ. of the Balearic Islands - Law), The Unilateral Suspension of the International Treaties: Current Problems
  • Claudio Zanghi (Univ. La Sapienza of Rome - Law), The Diplomatic Protection: Recent Trends of a Classical Institution