Thursday, February 7, 2008

Treaty Transmittal: International Convention Against Doping in Sport

Yesterday, the President transmitted to the Senate, for its advice and consent to ratification, the International Convention Against Doping in Sport. The transmittal package (Treaty Doc. 110-14) is here. The Convention, which was adopted on October 19, 2005, was negotiated under the auspices of UNESCO; it entered into force on February 1, 2007. There are currently seventy-five States Parties. In his transmittal letter, the President noted that the "United States supported the development of the Convention as a means to ensure equitable and effective application and promotion of anti-doping controls in international competition. The Convention will help to advance international cooperation on and promotion of international doping control efforts, and will help to protect the integrity and spirit of sport by supporting efforts to ensure a fair and doping-free environment for athletes." The President also pointed out that the "Convention does not cover U.S. sports leagues." Further information on the Convention can be found here.