Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Issue: Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business

The latest issue of the Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business (Vol. 27, no. 3, Spring 2007) is out. Contents include:

  • Symposium on International Energy Law
    • David Van Zandt, Introduction: Developments in International Energy Law
    • Adam M. Dinnell & Adam J. Russ, The Legal Hurdles to Developing Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source in the United States: Creative and Comparative Solutions
    • Alexia Brunet & Juan Agustin Lentini, Arbitration of International Oil, Gas, and Energy Disputes in Latin America
    • Wenhua Shan, From "North-South Divide" to "Private-Public Debate": Revival of the Calvo Doctrine and the Changing Landscape in International Investment Law
    • Alexia Brunet & Meredith Shafe, Beyond Enron: Regulation in Energy Derivatives Trading