Thursday, August 4, 2022

New Issue: European Journal of International Law

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law (Vol. 33, no. 1, February 2022) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial
    • On My Way Out – Advice to Young Scholars VII: Taking Exams Seriously (Part 1); Vital Statistics; In This Issue; In This Issue – Reviews
  • Symposium: International Law and Inequalities
    • Anne van Aaken, Diane Desierto, Isabel Feichtner, Jan Klabbers, Doreen Lustig, Sarah M.H. Nouwen, & Joseph H.H. Weiler, Introduction: International Law and Inequalities
    • Petra Weingerl & Matjaž Tratnik, Climbing the Wall around EU Citizenship: Has the Time Come to Align Third-Country Nationals with Intra-EU Migrants?
    • Lorenzo Gradoni & Luca Pasquet, Voice under Domination: Notes on the Making and Significance of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants
    • David Schneiderman, International Investment Law and Discipline for the Indebted
    • Johan Horst, Inequality, Law and Distribution in Transnational Financial Markets
    • Donatella Alessandrini, A Not So ‘New Dawn’ for International Economic Law and Development: Towards a Social Reproduction Approach to GVCs
    • Bernard Hoekman, On Trade Agreements and a Social Reproduction Approach to GVCs: A Reply to Donatella Alessandrini
    • Dimitri Van Den Meerssche, Virtual Borders: International Law and the Elusive Inequalities of Algorithmic Association
    • Shin-yi Peng, The Uneasy Interplay between Digital Inequality and International Economic Law
    • Amrita Bahri & Daria Boklan, Not Just Sea Turtles, Let’s Protect Women Too: Invoking Public Morality Exception or Negotiating a New Gender Exception in Trade Agreements?
  • Roaming Charges
    • Lorenzo Gradoni, Blue Sky Thinking
  • Review Essay
    • Heike Krieger, Of Zombies, Witches and Wizards – Tales of Sovereignty
  • Book Reviews
    • Jason Beckett, reviewing Vijayashri Sripati, Constitution-Making under UN Auspices: Fostering Dependency in Sovereign Lands
    • Taylor St John, reviewing Nicolás Perrone, Investment Treaties and the Legal Imagination: How Foreign Investors Play by Their Own Rules
    • Miriam Bak McKenna, reviewing Thomas Burri and Jamie Trinidad, The International Court of Justice and Decolonisation: New Directions from the Chagos Advisory Opinion
    • Jörg Kammerhofer, reviewing Sondre Torp Helmersen, The Application of Teachings by the International Court of Justice
    • Callum Musto, reviewing Esmé Shirlow, Judging at the Interface: Deference to State Decision-Making Authority in International Adjudication
  • The Last Page
    • Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman, The Anti-Suffragists