Sunday, June 19, 2022

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 66, no. 2, June 2022) is out. Contents include:
  • Allan Dafoe, Samuel Liu, Brian O'Keefe, & Jessica Chen Weiss, Provocation, Public Opinion, and International Disputes: Evidence from China
  • David Brenner & Martina Tazzioli, Defending Society, Building the Nation: Rebel Governance as Competing Biopolitics
  • Stephanie J Rickard, Interests, Institutions, and the Environment: An Examination of Fisheries Subsidies
  • Scott Radnitz, Solidarity through Cynicism? The Influence of Russian Conspiracy Narratives AbroadGet accessArrow
  • Mirko Heinzel, International Bureaucrats and Organizational Performance. Country-Specific Knowledge and Sectoral Knowledge in World Bank Projects
  • Lourdes Aguas & Stephen Pampinella, The Embodiment of Hegemony: Diplomatic Practices in the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry
  • Benjamin S Day & Alister Wedderburn, Wrestlemania! Summit Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Performance after Trump
  • Anne-Kathrin Kreft & Philipp Schulz, Political Agency, Victimhood, and Gender in Contexts of Armed Conflict: Moving beyond Dichotomies
  • Sabrina B Arias, Who Securitizes? Climate Change Discourse in the United Nations
  • Tyler Jost, Kaine Meshkin, & Robert Schub, The Character and Origins of Military Attitudes on the Use of Force
  • Pedro Seabra & Rafael Mesquita, Beyond Roll-Call Voting: Sponsorship Dynamics at the UN General Assembly
  • Clara Egger & Doris Schopper, Organizations Involved in Humanitarian Action: Introducing a New Dataset
  • Douglas M Gibler & Steven V Miller, An Appraisal of Project Mars and the Divided Armies Argument
  • Bryce W Reeder, Michael Hendricks, & Edward Goldring, All Peacekeeping is Local: Measuring Subnational Variation in Peacekeeping Effectiveness
  • Michal Smetana & Michal Onderco, Elite-Public Gaps in Attitudes to Nuclear Weapons: New Evidence from a Survey of German Citizens and Parliamentarians
  • Rebecca Cordell, K Chad Clay, Christopher J Fariss, Reed M Wood, & Thorin M Wright, Disaggregating Repression: Identifying Physical Integrity Rights Allegations in Human Rights Reports
  • Reed Wood, Gina Yannitell Reinhardt, Babak RezaeeDaryakenari, & Leah C Windsor, Resisting Lockdown: The Influence of COVID-19 Restrictions on Social Unrest
  • Ned Dobos, Military Abolitionism: A Critical Typology