Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Issue: Harvard International Law Journal

The latest issue of the Harvard International Law Journal (Vol. 62, no. 1, Winter 2021) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Tribute to William P. Alford
    • Martha Minow, A Scholar and Administrator Attuned: Saluting William P. Alford
    • Xingzhong Yu, Virtue and Knowledge across Space and Time: A Tribute to Professor William P. Alford
    • Benjamin L. Liebman, William P. Alford: Kindness, Integrity, and Insight
    • Chang-fa Lo, Passion and Compassion Being the Key Characteristics of a Successful Legal Educator: Professor William P. Alford Is Hao Laoshi with Such Characteristics
    • Ruth L. Okediji, Culture and the Globalization of Knowledge Production: A Tribute to William P. Alford
    • Seung Wha Chang, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters in Harvard Law Station
    • Jerome A. Cohen, Putting Lawyers (of All Types) High on Professor William P. Alford's Future Agenda
    • Angela Ciccolo & Tim Shriver, William P. Alford: A Legacy of Inclusion
    • Michael A. Stein, Scholar, Mensch, and Disability Rights Champion: A Tribute to Professor William P. Alford
    • Mark Wu, Wise Lessons in Virtue: A Tribute to Professor William P. Alford
  • Matthew S. Erie, Chinese Law and Development
  • Rebecca J. Hamilton, Governing the Global Public Square
  • Stephen Kim Park & Tim R. Samples, Distrust, Disorder, and the New Governance of Sovereign Debt
  • Alyssa S. King, Global Civil Procedure