Tuesday, March 30, 2021

New Issue: International Theory

The latest issue of International Theory (Vol. 13, no. 1, March 2021) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Jack Donnelly, Levels, centers, and peripheries: the spatio-political structure of political systems
    • Peter Marcus Kristensen, ‘Peaceful change’ in International Relations: a conceptual archaeology
    • Robert Yates, The English School and postcolonial state agency: social roles and order management in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific
  • Symposium: Authority, Legitimacy, and Contestation in Global Governance:
    • Orfeo Fioretos & Jonas Tallberg, Politics and theory of global governance
    • Robert O. Keohane, The global politics paradigm: guide to the future or only the recent past?
    • Nicole Deitelhoff & Christopher Daase, Rule and resistance in global governance
    • Michael Barnett, Change in or of global governance?
    • Vincent Pouliot, Global governance in the age of epistemic authority
    • Anna Leander, Locating (new) materialist characters and processes in global governance
    • Judith G. Kelley & Beth A. Simmons, Governance by Other Means: Rankings as Regulatory Systems
    • Jan Aart Scholte, Beyond institutionalism: toward a transformed global governance theory
    • Michael Zürn, On the role of contestations, the power of reflexive authority, and legitimation problems in the global political system