Monday, May 25, 2020

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 101, no. 911, August 2019) is out. The theme is: "Children and War." Contents include:
  • Ellen Policinski & Kvitoslava Krotiuk, Childhood in the crossfire: How to ensure a dignified present and future for children affected by war
  • Interview with Mira Kusumarini: Executive Director of the Coalition of Civil Society Against Violent Extremism (C-SAVE)
  • Testimonies of former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Helen Berents, “This is my story”: Children's war memoirs and challenging protectionist discourses
  • Rochelle L. Frounfelker, Nargis Islam, Joseph Falcone, Jordan Farrar, Chekufa Ra, Cara M. Antonaccio, Ngozi Enelamah, & Theresa S. Betancourt, Living through war: Mental health of children and youth in conflict-affected areas
  • Kathryn Hampton, Born in the twilight zone: Birth registration in insurgent areas
  • Diane Marie Amann, The Policy on Children of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor: Toward greater accountability for crimes against and affecting children
  • Ahmed Al-Dawoody & Vanessa Murphy, International humanitarian law, Islamic law and the protection of children in armed conflict
  • Dyan Mazurana, Anastasia Marshak, & Kinsey Spears, Child marriage in armed conflict
  • Pascal Bongard & Ezequiel Heffes, Engaging armed non-State actors on the prohibition of recruiting and using children in hostilities: Some reflections from Geneva Call's experience
  • Benyam Dawit Mezmur, Taking measures without taking measurements? An insider's reflections on monitoring the implementation of the African Children's Charter in a changing context of armed conflict
  • The ICRC's engagement on children in armed conflict and other situations of violence: In conversation with Monique Nanchen, Global Adviser on Children, ICRC
  • Bede Sheppard, Keeping schools safe from the battlefield: Why global legal and policy efforts to deter the military use of schools matter
  • Julie Freccero, Audrey Taylor, Joanna Ortega, Zabihullah Buda, Paschal Kum Awah, Alexandra Blackwell, Ricardo Pla Cordero, & Eric Stover, Safer cash in conflict: Exploring protection risks and barriers in cash programming for internally displaced persons in Cameroon and Afghanistan
  • James W. Houlihan, Lex Innocentium (697 AD): Adomnán of Iona – father of Western jus in bello
  • Suzannah Linton, Deciphering the landscape of international humanitarian law in the Asia-Pacific
  • Duncan McLean, Medical care in armed conflict: Perpetrator discourse in historical perspective