Sunday, April 5, 2020

Bartolini: A History of International Law in Italy

Giulio Bartolini (Università degli studi Roma Tre - Law) has published A History of International Law in Italy (Oxford Univ. Press 2020). Contents include:
  • Giulio Bartolini, What is a History of International Law in Italy for? International Law through the Prism of National Perspectives
  • Claudia Storti, Early “Italian” Scholars of Ius Gentium
  • Walter Rech, International Law as a Political Language, 1600– 1859
  • Edoardo Greppi, The Risorgimento and the “Birth” of International Law in Italy
  • Eloisa Mura, The Construction of the International Law Discipline in Italy between the Mancinian and Positive Schools
  • Giulio Bartolini, Italian Legal Scholarship of International Law in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century
  • Antonello Tancredi, The (Immediate) Post- World War II Period
  • Ivan Ingravallo, The Formation of International Law Journals in Italy: Their Role in the Discipline
  • Mirko Sossai, Catholicism and the Evolution of International Law Studies in Italy
  • Lorenzo Gradoni, Burn Out and Fade Away: Marxism in Italian International Legal Scholarship
  • Pietro Franzina, The Integrated Approach to Private and Public International Law— A Distinctive Feature of Italian Legal Thinking
  • Sergio Marchisio, The Unification of Italy and International Law
  • Tommaso Di Ruzza, The “Roman Question”: The Dissolution of the Papal State, the Creation of the Vatican City State, and the Debate on the International Legal Personality of the Holy See
  • Tullio Scovazzi, The Italian Approach to Colonialism: The First Experiences in Eritrea and Somalia
  • Giulio Bartolini, Italy between the Two World Wars: International Law Issues
  • Roberto Virzo, The Influence of Italian International Law Scholars on the Crafting of the 1948 Constitution
  • Enrico Milano, The Main International Law Issues Arising in the Aftermath of World War II
  • Giovanni Distefano & Robert Kolb, Some Contributions from and Influence of the Italian Doctrine of International Law
  • Paolo Palchetti, The Italian Doctrine over Recent Decades