Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Saidov: Research Handbook on International and Comparative Sale of Goods Law

Djakhongir Saidov (Kings College London - Law) has published Research Handbook on International and Comparative Sale of Goods Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2019). The table of contents is here. Here's the abstract:
This thorough and detailed Research Handbook explores the complexity of the governance of sales contracts in the modern world. It considers what is, and what ought to be, the role of traditional sales law in light of the growing diversity of commercial, trade and transactional contexts in which such contracts are made and performed. Offering an international and comparative perspective, leading experts in the field examine many topical aspects of sales law and practice. These include digital technologies, long-term contracts, global supply chains and trade in commodities. Chapters also investigate the diversity of sources that govern sales contracts today, particularly those sources that emanate from the industry and commercial players, such as standard form contracts, rules of trade associations, trade usages and trade terms. Through this critical and highly analytical examination, this Research Handbook ultimately demonstrates that the sources of governance found within the industrial sector are as important as traditional sales law, if not more so, in terms of their role in governing sales contracts in contemporary society.