Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Czapliński & Kleczkowska: Unrecognised Subjects in International Law

Władysław Czapliński (Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Law Studies) & Agata Kleczkowska (Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Law Studies) have published Unrecognised Subjects in International Law (Scholar Publishing House 2019). Contents include:
  • Władysław Czapliński & Agata Kleczkowska, Introductory Remarks
  • Enrico Milano, Recognition (and Non-recognition) of Non-state Actors
  • Dagmar Richter, Illegal States?
  • Stefan Oeter, De facto Regimes in International Law
  • Przemysław Saganek, Forms of Recognition
  • Galina Shinkaretskaia, A Requirement of Conformity with International Law in Cases of State Succession
  • Shotaro Hamamoto, Status of Unrecognised Subjects: Recent Practice of “Collective Recognition”: Admission to or Granting a Status in an International Organisation
  • Władysław Czapliński, State Responsibility for Unlawful Recognition
  • Szymon Zaręba, Responsibility for the Acts of Unrecognised States and Regimes
  • Natividad Fernández Sola, Collective Recognition? The Case of the European Union
  • Maurizio Arcari, The UN SC, Unrecognised Subjects and the Obligation of Non-recognition in International Law
  • Chun-i Chen, An Unrecognised State? Recent Practices of the Republic of China on Taiwan
  • Anne Lagerwall, Is the Duty Not to Recognise “States” Created Unlawfully Challenged by States’ Practice and ECHR Case Law?
  • Margaret E. McGuinness, Non-recognition and State Immunities: Toward a Functional Theory
  • Agata Kleczkowska, Recognition and the Use of Force: How Denial of Statehood Affects International Peace and Security
  • María Isabel Torres Cazorla, The Human-rights Obligations of Unrecognised Entities
  • Łukasz Gruszczyński & Marcin Menkes, Hybrid Recognition of Monetary and Financial Sovereignty: Or Is It?