Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Symposium: The Future of Human Rights Scholarship

The current issue of Law and Contemporary Problems (Vol. 81, no. 4, 2018) focuses on the topic "The Future of Human Rights Scholarship." Contents include:
  • James Loeffler & Mila Versteeg, Foreword: The Future of Human Rights Scholarship
  • Adam S. Chilton & Eric A. Posner, Treaties and Human Rights: The Role of Long-Term Trends
  • Cosette D. Creamer & Beth A. Simmons, The Dynamic Impact of Periodic Review on Women’s Rights
  • Geoffrey Dancy & Christopher Fariss, The Heavens are Always Fallen: A Neo-Constitutive Approach to Human Rights in Global Society
  • Hyeran Jo & John Niehaus, Through Rebel Eyes: Rebel Groups, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law
  • Samuel Moyn, Beyond the Human Rights Measurement Controversy
  • Umut Özsu, Neoliberalism and Human Rights: The Brandt Commission and the Struggle For a New World
  • Paul B. Stephan, The Future of International Human Rights Law—Lessons From Russia
  • Kevin L. Cope, Charles Crabtree, & Yonatan Lupu, Beyond Physical Integrity