Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New Issue: International Organization

The latest issue of International Organization (Vol. 72, no. 4, Fall 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Stacie E. Goddard, Embedded Revisionism: Networks, Institutions, and Challenges to World Order
    • Brandon J Kinne, Defense Cooperation Agreements and the Emergence of a Global Security Network
    • Bentley B. Allan, Srdjan Vucetic, & Ted Hopf, The Distribution of Identity and the Future of International Order: China's Hegemonic Prospects
    • Jennifer M. Larson & Janet I. Lewis, Rumors, Kinship Networks, and Rebel Group Formation
    • Vally Koubi, Tobias Böhmelt, Gabriele Spilker, & Lena Schaffer, The Determinants of Environmental Migrants' Conflict Perception
    • Phillip Y. Lipscy, Democracy and Financial Crisis
  • Research Note
    • Stefanie Walter, Elias Dinas, Ignacio Jurado, & Nikitas Konstantinidis, Noncooperation by Popular Vote: Expectations, Foreign Intervention, and the Vote in the 2015 Greek Bailout Referendum