Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pisillo Mazzeschi & De Sena: Global Justice, Human Rights and the Modernization of International Law

Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi (Università degli Studi di Siena - International and Political Sciences) & Pasquale De Sena (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Law) have published Global Justice, Human Rights and the Modernization of International Law (Springer 2018). Contents include:
  • Emmanuel Decaux, The Impact of Individuals and Other Non-State Actors on Contemporary International Law
  • Antonello Tancredi, State Sovereignty: Balancing Effectiveness and Legality/Legitimacy
  • Giorgio Gaja, Claims Concerning Obligations Erga Omnes in the Jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice
  • Pierre-Marie Dupuy, From a Community of States Towards a Universal Community?
  • Hanna Bourgeois & Jan Wouters, Methods of Identification of International Custom: A New Role for Opinio Juris?
  • Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi & Alessandra Viviani, General Principles of International Law: From Rules to Values?
  • Jean d’Aspremont, What Was Not Meant to Be: General Principles of Law as a Source of International Law
  • Christian Tomuschat, General International Law: A New Source of International Law?
  • Massimo Iovane, Conflicts Between State-Centred and Human-Centred International Norms
  • Francesco Francioni, Global Justice, Equality and Social Inclusion: What Kind of “Modernization” of International Law?
  • Pasquale De Sena, Still Three Different Status for Aliens, Citizens and Human Persons?
  • Jorge E. Viñuales, The Influence of Environmental Protection on the Fabric of International Law